Dev Bones

A HTML & CSS boilerplate skeleton ready for you to put some flesh on these bones. Includes semantic HTML, modular CSS, preconfigured task runner, and links to quick references for the relevant topics from SVGs to testing & accessibility. Grab the bits you need, bury the rest.

Source Code
ribs skeleton

What’s inside...


Starter boilerplate skeleton with all the HTML metadata, CSS resets, and best practices you need to spin up a site fast. Because sometimes you don’t need the latest framework or task runner. This site is built on the skeleton. Get the bones →


The skeleton with an extra wrapping of SCSS, task runner preconfigured to compile and compress your site, and all the extra meat ready and waiting to build on your command. Peek inside →

Flesh & Bones

Semantic HTML bones and modular CSS flesh ready to graft on to any skeleton and speed up your zombie production line: from an inline nav, and starter grid shorthand to microinteractions. Raid the grave →

Brain Matter

Bones only work if you know how to put them together. Top off your skeleton of choice with a grave full of resources & links for frequently referenced topics and dev environment setup checklist. Feast on the brains →