About Me

Pirate Ship


An all around geek who went from self-educated designer to studying interaction design full time, left and right brain work in perfect harmony for a fresh approach to creative problem solving. From the little details to the big picture, I design to delight the globe. Education in six different countries helps me bring a new perspective to any project and motivates me to design the products of tomorrow for users today.

Frequent Flyer

From Arctic conditions on a small island off Canada to running barefoot in New Zealand and counting sheep on the North Coast of Ireland, jet lag and I are old friends. Not afraid to explore the unknown and never content to settle when something’s not right, I bring a fresh perspective to every project.


Whether it’s design and illustration, crafting user experiences, or coding a new story, I make designs with personality because everything has a story to tell. From tailor-made copywriting to handcrafted interfaces, every element is a chapter in the narrative.


Frequent flying has its perks and its challenges. As a designer, I turn those challenges into opportunities. Whether it’s teaching myself SVGs or prepping for an accounting exam, pursuing design outside of the classroom or seizing every opportunity to join local meetups and pursue my latest side projects, I like to make the most of the time I’m given.

Monster Maker

Design is made to be experienced so I design to delight and bring those experiences to life. Accessibility and emotional design are never an after thought when it comes to building designs with personality. Just like a treasure map portfolio with delights hidden on every page, in my work there’s always more— and sometimes monsters— beneath the surface.

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